LEDsystem Scandinavia – the leading supplier of LED illumination

LEDsystem Scandinavia has been working with LED lighting since 2007. LEDsystem Scandinavia is an importer and wholesale dealer operating in Scandinavia covering Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. We only work with business to business, B2B, within private and public services business. Our customers are other gross sellers for electrical supplies, retailers, larger warehouses, municipalities, county councils and real estate companies. We can proudly present one of Scandinavia’s largest ranges of high quality and high performance LED light sources.

Our business idea

LEDsystem Scandinavia shall offer energy saving and environmental friendly illumination solutions to our customers using LED lighting technology.

We continuously evaluate our existing as well as new suppliers to assure that the products are fulfilling our highly raised quality demands. The development within LED technology is rapidly progressing and we look forward to presenting new and interesting LED products.

Thanks to our close cooperation with our carefully selected suppliers and visits to their manufacturing units we can offer high quality products at very competitive prices.
Business partners

We are interested in widening our wide network of resellers and distributors so please contact us if you want to be a partner to LEDsystem Scandinavia and work with high quality LED products with competitive prices on the Scandinavian markets.

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of LED lighting products, please contact us in order to discuss new products to bring into our wide range of high quality LED lighting products.

Verbatim LED can be purchased through your preferred whole seller.