Quality and Environment at LEDsystem Scandinavia

Quality and Environment at LEDsystem Scandinavia

LEDsystem Scandinavia considers environmental work of greatest importance when choosing products as well as supplier or business partners. LED technology gives us great opportunities to reduce the environmental impact.

All our products are CE-labeled and follow the rules of EU with regards to hazardous substances (RoHS)

Environmental policy

LEDsystem Scandinavia will through continuous improvements and reduction of environmental impact work towards the vision to be a sustainable company.

To achieve this goal we:

  1. Continuously discuss and evaluate environmental aspects in our daily work.
  2. Work in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners to develop our business and ambition to minimize negative impact on the environment during manufacturing and delivery, and decrease use of energy and raw materials.
  3. Sort waste for reuse and recycling when technically and economically viable.

Quality policy

The position of LEDsystem Scandinavia is strong on the market for LED lighting products thanks to the fact that we supply our customers, internally as well as externally, with products and services of high quality. We shall commit ourselves to achieve pleased customers by supplying the right products and services in the best way at a competitive price.

Work environmental policy

The goal for LEDsystem Scandinavia’s environmental policy is to encourage a physically, psychologically and socially healthy and developing work environment for our employees. All work injuries and work-related illness shall be prevented

We shall choose suppliers who can guarantee/offer good working conditions to their employees.